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Cymbal Planet  provides drummers a unique experience of buying handmade cymbals, handmade drums, and all kind of drum accessories online, with best price guarantee and free shipping. Each cymbal and snare drum has an EXACT DEMO VIDEO so you can shop online with a clear conscience. Enjoy the real Try-Before-You-Buy experience. Watch it, hear it and fall in love with it before you buy it. We sell only 100% handmade cymbals except CRX entry level cymbals, and all of them are weighted sensitively. Each cymbal has a unique Cymbal Planet identification number and every cymbal you will see on Cymbal Planet is in stock, ready to be shipped and delivered in 2-5 business days. You can also place custom cymbal orders from select brands. A wide variety of drum/cymbal accessories are available. Cymbal Planet is an official U.S. distributor of Wincent Drumsticks and Liberty Drums. Cymbal Planet Support Team is ready to help you 24/7, talk to a drummer, not a sales person; don't hesitate to e-mail us!

*Only valid for cymbals, snares and qualifying orders.