Dear Eric,

I wanted to prepare a warm welcome for you and created this special page for you. I am very happy to help you finding your soulmate cymbals. On this page you will be able to virtually test and compare 3 hi-hats, 6 rides, 9 crashes, 4 chinas, 5 bells and a splash. Our stock is a little limited for hi-hats and splashes right now and I apologize for that.

I know you'd like to build a nice cymbal set from Rock Beat and Rock Beat Raw series but I also wanted to show you hi-hats from Xanthos Cast and Fusion series, a ride and a crash from Apex series and chinas from Kurak series – these series also sound very good and are close to the sound you are looking for.

13" Rock Beat hi-hats' video and/or sound file is not available unfortunately, and I apologize for that too. 13" Rock Beats are beautiful hi-hats but if you want a more powerful sound on stage, I'd recommend Xanthos Cast or Fusion hi-hats. We have only one Rock Beat Raw splash left in stock but it should match your set.

Now, I will let you enjoy your journey to find your soulmate cymbals. Please let me know if I can help you any further, don't hesitate to email me.

I wish you a wonderful day,



Owner & CEO