WINCENT Dynabeat 5A/5B/7A Selected Hickory Drumsticks
5.95 7.51

US Selected Hickory Drumsticks  ·  ONLY ON CYMBAL PLANET  ·

High quality, incredible balance and durability, unbeatable price. Weight paired! UWP Protected (Unique Wax Protection)

5A - Dia: 14.3mm ·  Lenght: 406mm

5B - Dia: 15mm    ·  Lenght: 406mm

7A - Dia: 13.7mm ·  Lenght: 397mm

Dynabeat by Wincent drumsticks are exactly the same drumsticks as Wincent's 1st quality US selected hickory drumsticks, yet they have not passed the final quality control. The only difference is that they might have poor wood color. But balance and durability are still incredible.

They have a traditional "tear-drop" shaped tip which is the most popular tip for drumsticks.  The sticks are weighted and matched in pairs and have Unique Wax Protection. Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

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