CRX Cymbals are designed to provide the sound, quality and selection— as well as the affordability and durability— that meet the needs of today’s drummers. CRX are available in a variety of series, types and models for an unprecedented choice of nearly ninety different cymbals and infinite cymbal set possibilities. With CRX’s unique combination of quality and diversity, working drummers can easily find cymbals that complement any modern music style or situation while students and younger players can feel and sound like pro’s.

Based on the dark-medium-bright tonal spectrum that forms the foundation of modern music— and the quality, consistency and innovation that are the core values of the TRX Cymbal Co.— CRX Cymbals are a new range of high-performance cymbals designed to provide a great sounding yet affordable alternative for today’s student and semi-pro drummers.

CRX features an extended selection of Ride, Crash, Hi-Hat and Effects cymbals created from their proven B20 Bronze formula and crafted using a combination of traditional methods and progressive designs. CRX’s three tonal/performance categories— represented by the CLASSIC, ROCK and XTREME lines— allow all players to choose their cymbal sets from the widest variety of complementary and contrasting cymbal sounds regardless of their age, interests, or playing level.

Today, CRX continues the long tradition of hand-made cymbals while pioneering new innovations. Although CRX cymbals are individually crafted from B20 Bronze by modern cymbal smiths, and never mass produced or made by machines, they offer pro-quality sound and performance at an affordable price. In addition, CRX is the first and only midrange cymbal line that is available in a full range of dark, medium and bright tonal options and a wide selection of types and sizes— giving every drummer the opportunity to have their own sound as well as their own style.