Bosphorus Cymbals was established in 1996 by three master cymbal smiths, Hasan Seker, Ibrahim Yakici and Hasan Ozdemir. Their common thread was being sent to work in a neighborhood cymbal workshop. Their humble begining included cleaning the workshop and other menial tasks, but in time they were trained in the art of making cymbals. In the early ages of their youth they became cymbal smiths. Their teachers were the masters who manufactured the legendary cymbals of 60’s and 70’s. After 16 years at the same workshop, the friends ventured off on their own and established their own company.

Bosphorus Cymbals has 16 cymbal smiths, 8 of which have been in training since day one. The masters continue to craft in the workshop with their workers, guiding them to create the perfect cymbals with their nearly 30 years of experience.

At Bosphorus Cymbals, they make all cymbals with man power instead of automatic machine systems. They use electric powered tools only for rolling, pressing the bell and turning the lathing plate. The rest is being made by master cymbal smiths. This helps to make unique cymbals every time instead of standardized photocopies. Bosphorus masters say "We like it to be this way because we know our products are used for creating art and first rule to create the art is being unique. We underline 100% handmade motto all the time because handcrafting is the key for uniqueness."

Every step of this process is indispensable. There is no shortcut for this process. Even "%100 handmade cymbal" and only "hand hammered" cymbal are not the same things. Because of this, what Bosphorus make is completely different from mass production system made cymbals. Any good drummer, who cares for his sound, can understand the difference without seeing. For this reason, there is no other way to make cymbals for Bosphorus, even it is harder than what others do and even they produce fewer cymbals with more effort.